Me-Made-May: Are we there yet??

Hi everyone!
Just a quick roundup of what I’ve wore last week! Not gonna lie… I’m getting a wee bit bored of wearing me-mades! This has a lot less to do with what I’ve made, and more to do with where the gaps are – like trousers and shirts. It’s not helped by the fairly cool weather at the moment (In most of my pictures I’ve taken off additional layers so you can see my makes!). I’m waiting for a heatwave, then I will be super happy with all my dresses again! I’ve got a fab new dress that I’m determined not to waste on a rainy day… might get worn later this week if it warms up a bit!

Monday 12th May
Tulip Betty(ish) dress, made August 2014

Tulip Betty Dress
Tulip Betty Dress

This is the bodice of the Sew Over It Betty dress, with a gathered skirt as I only had 2m of fabric!

I did my first dressmaking class (since leaving school with a GCSE in textiles…) at Sew Over It back in 2012, and saw the beautiful Betty dress in the window. I kind of always had this as a benchmark of what I’d like to be able to do one day! I’m still to tackle the full version, but I know it’s definitely within my skillset to do 🙂

The back of this dress is really cute:


Sew Over It Betty Pattern: £13
2m tulip poplin from the Man at Huddersfield Open Market: £8
Zip & Thread: £3
TOTAL: £24

Tuesday 13th May
Colette Violet Blouse, made in Spring 2013

Colette Violet blouse
Colette Violet blouse

This was one of the first projects I tackled on my own… and I chose the slippiest viscose possible! This blouse was definitely a learning curve – this is the one that taught me the hard way that:

-Seams need to be finished appropriately (I didn’t know that much about this, and the seams are really fraying 😦 I should really go back and do this with my overlocker!)

-Not all fabric is easy to sew!!!

Still, I love it!

Colette Violet Pattern: £122m birdy print viscose: £20
Self Cover Buttons and thread: £5
TOTAL: £37

Wednesday 13th May
NEW: BHL Anna dress in viscose, made March 2015


I was actually planning to blog this sooner, but didn’t manage to get photos! I’ve made a couple of versions of this before, so it was all fairly quick. The main adjustment is shortening the hem by about 6″ (I’m short!), and taking the CB seam in by around 2″ at the zip. I hemmed it with bias binding using the blind hem foot. All seams are finished with the overlocker. This is another floppy viscose, so it underwent the gelatine treatment before sewing it.

Viscose fleck fabric 2.5m: £24
Zip and Thread: £3
TOTAL: £27
(Bias binding was left over from another project, and I usually count the pattern towards the first time I make something)

Thursday 14th May
Colette Sorbetto V2, made Summer 2014

Sorbetto 2
Sorbetto 2

Sorbetto 1 here. Not much to say about this! It’s a fairly handy wardrobe staple, that looks nice with a skirt or trousers! It also comes together really quickly. The fabric is a wide floral stripe from Goldhawk Rd (can’t remember which shop)

1m fabric: £6
Bias binding: £2

Friday 15th May
Circle Skirt and altered blouse

The skirt that started it all!
The skirt that started it all!

I love, love, love this outfit!

The skirt is the one I made at my first dressmaking class in 2012! And I still wear it now 🙂 It’s such a cheerful summer skirt!

The top is one I bought from Next a few years ago. I really liked it but never wore it as the sleeves were too tight across my shoulders. Also, it’s a very thin fabric, ideal for summer, but with long sleeves it was too much! But I didn’t want to wear it in the winter as it was too cold! So – I decided to chop the sleeves off! It took about an hour, and I really like the result. Here’s a before picture:

Before I chopped the sleeves.
Before I chopped the sleeves. (and got a haircut!)

Saturday 16th May
Vogue 8789, made July 2014

V8789 View A – and some experimentation with posing for the camera…

This was meant to be a ‘wearable muslin’ until I realised that 1) it fits really well, and 2) it’s pretty well finished! The fabric is some kind of polycotton, and I got it for supercheap at the market in Eindhoven, back when I lived there.

I made it pretty much out of the packet – I shortened the bodice by 1 1/2 inches, and fully lined it in white lawn as the blue fabric is fairly sheer, and has little holes in it (kind of like broderie anglaise but without the broderie?) I also made the skirt out of 2 rectangles of fabric, rather than the pattern pieces, as they were a little too big.

This pattern is designed for border patterns and stripes, and has pretty cool cut-on facings (until they flip out constantly so you have to sew them down…).

2m striped polycotton: £2 (well, 2 Euros, but near enough)
1.5m cotton lawn: £6.75
Zip and thread: £3
TOTAL: £11.75

Sunday 17th May
Liberty Lady Skater/ Moneta Mashup

Trying to make the photos a little more interesting...
Trying to make the photos a little more interesting…

Blogged here. I love this dress 😀 Although I did have to change into trousers for the bike ride I went on on Sunday afternoon, I wore this to brunch in the morning.

How is everyone else finding Me-Made-May – are you still enjoying the challenge or starting to get bored!?


3 thoughts on “Me-Made-May: Are we there yet??

  1. All of your clothes look so nice! I’ve decided not to blog the rest of my Me Made May because this week I wore the same shirt three times and I’m a bit embarrassed. On the plus side, I now know that I need to make more tops.

  2. Thanks!! Haha, yes I’ve had to make a definite effort not to wear my lady skaters all the time… they’re just so comfy! I’m going to maybe try to tackle jeans at some point in the near future, as I seem to want to wear them a LOT at the moment.

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