Me-Made-May: Nearly there!

It seemed easier to get good outfits together last week – the weather has been a little warmer, so I think that’s why!

Here’s a (rather long!) roundup:

Monday 18th May
Birdie Blouse (again!!)


Blogged here.

Tuesday 19th May
Nautical Shirtdress

Picture taken outside the Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford
Picture taken outside the Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford

Blogged here. I love this dress so much! I realised I don’t really like it with black tights, but it was either that or not wear it at all.

Wednesday 20th May
NEW: Grey A-Line skirt

Photo taken near Bury Knowle Park, Headington
Photo taken near Bury Knowle Park, Headington

This skirt is a bit of a saga, considering it’s such a simple make!

Two summers ago when I lived in Eindhoven, I was looking for a new skirt – I knew exactly what I was looking for, a plain, light grey A-line skirt! Sounds boring, but it’s the sort of thing that would be a perfect match for a lot of my summer blouses. Despite looking everywhere, I couldn’t find anything quite right. I gave up, and went to the local market where I used to buy all my fruit, veg and fabric. The stall had the perfect grey linen on a bolt end! It’s beautiful quality, and sewed up really nicely. (also, this skirt only took 85cm to make once I’d shortened it!!!)

Sassy ladies!
Sassy ladies!

The pattern is vintage New Look (Maudella) 6425, that I picked up in a charity shop for 50p. I made the version 5 (maroon, gathered front) a few years ago, so assumed that version 1 (blue) would also fit. WRONG. The extra ease in the previous version meant that it fit differently. Of course, I didn’t realise this until I had made up the skirt, topstitched the seams and added the waistband. I tried on my new skirt… and could barely do up the zip!

Luckily, I managed to let out the side seams by 3/8″ each, meaning that I could at least physically fit into the skirt! It’s a bit on the tight side, but I’m trying to eat really healthily at the moment, so it’s an extra incentive!

Grey linen fabric: £8.50
Pattern: 50p
Thread and zip: £3
TOTAL: £12

Thursday 20th
NEW: V8789 – pin dots version

Bury Knowle Park!
Bury Knowle Park!

This another version of V8789. This was supposed to be a super quick project, but ended up taking forever. I didn’t really enjoy making it because of that, but I do really like the finished dress!

The fabric is a gorgeous indigo – dyed voile with white pin dots, that I picked up from the remnants bin at Cloth House a few months ago. I actually got 4m – they weren’t really remnants, but were there because there was some pretty bad sun damage running across big areas of the fabric:

Damage on fabric
Damage on fabric.

I had to cut around the damage, but I did get the fabric for pretty cheap – it was reduced from around £14/m, and I could still use most of it. I’ve still got around a meter left, so might be able to squeeze something out!

As this dress has a v-neck front and back, I stitched a little ribbon in the back so I have an easier time in the mornings!

IMG_0069I finished the hem of the dress with the blind hem stitch on my machine – it came out really well!

Can you see the hem? The joys of a blind hem foot! Better than (my) hand sewing!
Can you see the hem? The joys of a blind hem foot! Better than (my) hand sewing, and it took all of 10 minutes. Sorry about the horrid lighting.

Indigo fabric 3m at £6/m: £18
Cotton lawn for lining: £8
Zip and thread: £3
TOTAL: £29

Friday 22nd May
Anchors Away! New Look 6208, made July 2014

DSCN4891Not much to say about this – I shortened the bodice by 1″, and took in the Centre Back by around 1″ on either side of the upper back, tapering to nothing at the waist. I also moved the zip from the side to the CB, so that I could easily make this alteration! Next time I would also take a wedge out of the centre front and maybe lower the neckline a little – as you can see it gapes a bit. It’s a really handy pattern, with a lot of potential!

2m nautical poplin from the Man at Huddersfield Market: £8
Zip and Thread: £3
Bias binding:£3
Pattern (on sale): £3
TOTAL: £17

Saturday 23rd May
Floral Cambie Dress
, made in Spring 2013

I spent Saturday afternoon at a lovely garden party for the 50th Anniversary of my college's MCR. Hence the glass of prosecco in my hand :)
I spent Saturday afternoon at a lovely garden party for the 50th Anniversary of my college’s MCR. Hence the glass of prosecco in my hand 🙂

I made this dress before I knew a lot (or anything) about the standard fitting alterations I should make! I had made the size 10 and this also turned out to be too big when I tried it on last summer. I decided I liked the dress enough to re-fit it, so spent the time taking it in at the waist, and reducing the length of the bodice by 1″. It’s a great dress, but I like to keep it for special occasions as I feel like it’s a little too Laura Ashley for every day!

Sewaholic Cambie Dress pattern: £12
3m cotton voile: £30
Zip and thread: £3
Lining, and lace for hem: £12
TOTAL: £57

Sunday 24th – Wednesday 27th May
The last few days I’ve been sat at home with a grotty cold, so haven’t really left the flat 😦 I’ve also been spending a lot of time in my tracksuit and a t-shirt, so haven’t been participating in MMM. Today, I was working from home and managed to go on a little walk this afternoon. No surprises – I wore my Liberty Lady Skater/ Moneta Mashup. Comfy and pulled together! I need to make another dozen of these!

Here is a photo to finish:

FullSizeRender-3The joys of secret pyjamas!


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