Not resting on my Laurels!

Hi everyone!

Can’t believe how quickly time flies when I’m not blogging! Things have been rather hectic around here recently – first of all I was on holiday, then had laptop issues and have just changed jobs! So haven’t had much time to write up my sewing escapades. I have certainly been sewing though, and now have a bit of a queue to blog!!

I’ll start with my most recent make – finished yesterday and worn for my last day at work today! A bright and cheerful Colette Laurel.

It looks very square on the hanger...
It looks very square on the hanger…

When the Laurel first came out, I liked the look of it, but didn’t think it was very ‘me’. I’m usually a fit n flare type of girl, but recently I’ve seen lots of cute shift dresses around, and fancied a bit of a change from the my usual silhouette! Having seen some gorgeous versions of this popping up all over the blogosphere (particularly Sophie-Lee‘s lush one in linen!) I decided to give the Laurel a try!

Now, can we talk about the fabric?? A few months ago, my lovely colleague Carolyn, who coordinates visiting students, came up to my desk and said that a student had given her a big piece of fabric – 5.5m of this gorgeous African waxed cotton from Nigeria, would I like it? No need to guess what I said!  I’d been saving it for something special, but decided I should make use of it before leaving my current job so that Carolyn could see what I’d made.


All the reviews of the Laurel say that it’s really easy and quick to come together, and I can definitely agree. I made the whole thing (excluding PDF assembly) in one evening. As I had so much of this lovely fabric, I decided it would be worth the risk making it as a wearable muslin – there would still be enough to make something else if it didn’t come out right!

I initially cut a size 10 at the shoulders/ sleeves, 8 bust-waist and 12 at the hip. I was worried that it would be too tight at the hips as I often have that problem with shift dresses. However, when I made it up, there was way too much ease in the hip area, so I decided to take it in. It ended up being pretty much a straight size 8 from the shoulders down. (for reference my measurements are 38 Bust – 29 Waist – 43″ Hip). The fit across the shoulders is just right, so I’ll stick with the 10 there in future.

Other adjustments:
-Lowered the neckline 1″ (there was too much fabric across the front!)
-Lowered the armholes 1/2″ each -Shortened the hem by 5″ (it’s short to make up for the looser fit!)
-Used a 2 1/2″ hem on the sleeves so that I could turn them up into cuffs

Action shot! Fun outtake from my 'photoshoot' outside the pub :)
Action shot! Fun outtake from my ‘photoshoot’ outside the pub 🙂

Initially I wasn’t so sure about this, but having worn it all day – I LOVE it! It’s chic, comfy and cute. I also think that a slightly drapier fabric would look even better. Hence why there is another Laurel that has been bumped straight up the queue and is now next on my sewing list…

What’s on your sewing table right now?



9 thoughts on “Not resting on my Laurels!

  1. OMG, it’s SO gorgeous!!! I love love love the print and colours, and the shapes really suits you. This is the first time I’ve seen you wearing something more loose-fitting and I like this silhouette on you.

  2. That fabric is amazing! And the dress looks great on you.
    I love how the simplicity of the pattern really brings out the print.
    A friend of mine travels to Tanzania every year and it only occured to me now that I should definitely ask her for a small fabric souvenir next time 🙂

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