Holding on to the wall...
Holding on to the wall…

This dress was planned last summer but I didn’t get to make it until June. The inspiration was this dress from Fever that I saw last summer – but at £65, I couldn’t justify buying it!

Rather rubbish pattern placement on bodice front, I think. Mine's much better!
Rather rubbish pattern placement on bodice front, I think. Mine’s much better!

So, I decided that my new mission in life was to find some flamingo fabric! I found the amazing fabric at the Fancy Silk Store in Birmingham for only £4/ m during the SewBrum meetup last October, and quickly snapped 2m up. I then decided to make it in time for my holiday in the south of France in July!

Supplies ready for sewing!
Supplies ready for sewing!

There’s not much to say about the construction of this dress – it’s New Look 6208, the same as my Anchors Away dress (I blogged this here)

Changes from last time:
I kept the side zip and took some width out of the top of the back bodice to cut on the fold, rather than taking it out at at a CB seam. I feel that actually, I over-fit the bodice a bit too much this time – it’s a little snug. Mind you, having Kickboxing as my other main hobby has also meant that I’ve bulked up a little in my upper back / chest over the last few months, so that might also be part of the problem! I’ve now got a few summer dresses that are too tight across the front of the chest/ armscye because of this – one of the very few disadvantages of regular exercise!

I lowered the front neckline by 1” and added in two small darts to reduce neckline gaping – around ½” in total.

I also shortened this a LOT from the original pattern pieces. Maybe 5 inches in total? I’m a shortie, so I often need to take some length off, especially if I want a shorter skirt 🙂

As it’s a very summery dress, I decided to keep it unlined and simple. The neckline and armholes are finished with bias binding.

Aaand a close up!
Aaand a close up!

Other notes: I had a MASSIVE panic halfway through making this that I’d broken my sewing machine. It was just not making stitches properly!! After several times of threading, re-threading, doing test stitches, I decided to take a break, sleep on it and try again the next day (rather than breaking down and crying at the thought of a possibly expensive repair to my machine!!) The next day I was having a chat with my mum and she suggested checking the needle was in the right place. And, indeed, the needle had slipped down a few millimetres and so was not in the right place! I put it in again more tightly and – phew- all was fixed! So the lesson learned is: always check the basics before panicking that you’ve broken your machine!

And, always take a lovely new dress or two on holiday 🙂

Wearing the dress on holiday :) Thanks to my cousin Amy for taking the photos :)
Wearing the dress on holiday 🙂 Thanks to my cousin Amy for taking the photos 🙂

What’s on your sewing table now?


10 thoughts on “Flamingos!

  1. This is a lovely dress, way better than the inspo dress actually! I agree re. pattern placement, yours is by far better. And the light in these pictures is amazing… but winter is coming.

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