Another Laurel!

IMG_0904My first Laurel Dress was actually a wearable muslin for my second version. This is another dress that was inspired by something I’d seen in the shops! I fell in love, and was just about willing to pay the high price when I tried it on… and instantly remembered why I sew my own clothes! Although the quality of this dress was beautiful, it did not fit me at all – it was far too large across the chest, while also being far too tight across the hips – I could barely move in it!

The droolworthy inspiration dress
The droolworthy inspiration dress

So, I did what any sewist would do, and decided to look out for a similar striped fabric to the original. Luckily, I found it fairly quickly at Cloth House on a daytrip to London with Claire and Leire. This lovely piece was a really good find – in the remnants bin I found what seemed to be the last 1m, and one of the shop girls managed to find the bolt and so I could buy another meter. YAY!

As this fabric was rather loosely woven, I decided to underline it all with black lawn.  I decided that black made the print show up better than white underlining. As the Laurel’s such a simple pattern, this was a pretty straightforward job! I then basted in the centre of the darts with a contrasting thread. (the basting was slightly uneven – my darts weren’t though!)IMG_0701

The loose weave also meant that the fabric frayed A LOT. To make it easier to work with, I overlocked all the edges after underlining. I’d almost finished when:


My overlocker ate my armhole!!! It’s ok though, as I managed to fix it pretty quickly using a zig-zag stitch:

Spot the fix!
Spot the fix!

The rest of the dress came together very quickly. I kept the length as much as possible to keep the lovely border in-tact. I also made cuffs for the armholes. Rather than making bias binding out of this tricky fabric, I decided to draft a small facing for the neck. I’d make this a little larger next time as it was a little bit of a faff!

Enjoying my new dress
Enjoying my new dress

Otherwise my adjustments were exactly the same as last time – adding small darts in the back neckline to reduce gaping. I love this dress, and having the underlining adds a really lovely weight which makes it feel really good quality!

1m remnant fabric + 1m bolt fabric: £21
1.5m black lawn: £10
pattern: free (used previously)TOTAL: £31

Arty shot
Arty shot

4 thoughts on “Another Laurel!

  1. I’m slowing catching up with my blog reading and I just saw this post. I wonder who took those increibly artsy looking pictures, but she must have been a genius… or something like that, hahaha!

    I love this dress, especially in combination with that fabric. Yay for The Cloth House!

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