Mesas II & III

Hey everyone! I’ve got two new makes for you this time – both variations on the Seamwork Mesa dress πŸ™‚

1: Mesa splodge dress

Thanks to Hillary for taking these photos πŸ™‚

After the success of my first mesa, I immediately bumped another right to the top of my queue – what can I say, it’s addictive!

I made this on a Saturday a few weeks ago when I was feeling ill. Despite being under the weather, I still managed to make this over the course of an afternoon – it really is a quick make!

Posing on the bridge...

The fabric was in my stash for almost two years before I finally used it. I love it, so I wanted to wait for the perfect project. It’s a jersey with a decent lycra content, but I don’t actually know what the main fibre is, though I’m going to guess viscose. I only had 1m15, so this is a really great dress for a short length of jersey!

There’s nothing much to say about the construction, as it’s such a simple dress! I made it using both the overlocker and my Bernina. As it’s a casual dress, I chopped an extra few inches off the hem – it now has a hi-lo hem. I’m not sure how well this has worked, but I love the dress, so I don’t care.

Posing.... again!
Posing…. again!

This is now one of my absolute wardrobe favourites – the reason I haven’t blogged it yet is because I was wearing it so much and kept on forgetting to take photos! Always a winner in my book!

Plus, the extra fun bit is that I used brightly coloured thread in my overlocker to match the outside of the fabric – so pretty!

Thread and pretty insides!

2: Mesa motorbike Tee


Since I really like the fit of the Mesa, I decided to try it as a t-shirt using this fab motorbike print jersey from Girl Charlee. First off, I was very impressed with how quickly the package arrived. Though postage does seem a little more expensive than a lot of other places.

This T-shirt took about 2 hours from cutting to finishing, just in time for my trip to Edinburgh with friends!

I made this just in time for a trip to Edinburgh with friends! That’s Arthur’s seat in the background

To make this a t-shirt, I just worked out where roughly I would like it to finish and then chopped it off there! I also shortened the sleeves by 5 cm, as they sat slightly oddly on me at the intended length. As I wanted the t-shirt to fit a little more loosely, I added an extra 1/4″ on each side seam from the armhole downwards. I’m really pleased with how this came out!

If I made this as a t-shirt again, I’d also add a little more ease in around the shoulders – it might be that this jersey is a bit of a closer fit than the others I’ve used for this pattern, but it does ride up a little at the shoulders.

Enjoying a pint of beer in my new T-shirt πŸ™‚

Also, it looks a little loose across the CF neckline – any ideas on how to deal with that without a dart?

Have you sewn any of the Seamwork patterns yet?

I’ll leave you with a shot of me laughing at my fab camerawoman, who was shouting at me:

Action shot!


Autumn / Winter Sewing Plans

Waaay back in one of my Me-Made-May posts, I said that I would need to make more warm clothing, to suit the English weather. After another summer filled with lovely sundresses that I barely wore because it wasn’t warm enough, I’ve decided that my autumn plans need to include some cosy handmades that will see me through to spring!

So, here are my plans!
1. Blouses:


A Sewaholic Granville in dark blue linen. This is the last of my summer makes, as I was hoping that it would be a good transition piece from late summer – autumn. As you can see, it’s nearly finished, which I’m delighted about because it has been a bitch! I’ll post it when it’s all done – with all the horrid details of how this shirt NEARLY finished me off (but I remain triumphant – and I will be definitely making another just to show it who’s boss).

IMG_1037Colour scheme much? Sorry for the slightly blurry photos – my phone wasn’t playing ball.

The wavy pattern and bottom check fabrics are both from the Cloth House remnants bin πŸ™‚ They are both short pieces, destined to be simple blouses – I’m thinking either a blouse version of the Laurel, or a lenthened Bettine.

The navy / red check is destined to be another Granville (once I’ve got a few palate cleansers out of the way!). It’s a scrummy linen shirting.

2. Dresses (woven):

-Dress for a friend’s wedding!

This is going to be a dress for my lovely friend Izzie’s wedding in 2 weeks (eek!) I’m muslining this weekend and then will be making it up with this lovely lawn:


-The ‘practical but actually can I be bothered to make this?’ dress:
I’m not even putting in a picture of the fabric – it’s a navy peachskin. Lovely, but urgh so dull (do you get that I don’t like sewing with plan fabric yet?). To make this more exciting, I’m going to use the new Sew Over It Joan pattern, I think. This is a dress I desperately need, as I could do with some more proper smart clothes for work.

3. PJs

Both these fabrics are camera shy… they didn’t come out very well 😦

The top is a cotton knit with poor recovery. I wasn’t sure what to make, but when I decided to make PJ bottoms with the check fabric, I realised it was a pretty good match for the top πŸ™‚ The check is one that I ‘acquired’ from my mum’s stash – it’s possibly older than I am, and is super lovely and soft. Not quite sure what pattern I’ll use yet.

4. Knits πŸ™‚
Errr, all the knits.


-Liberty Rose Sweatshirting: this is going to be a cropped jumper for work. And a new pair of jogging bottoms for around the house. I’ll use the Seamwork Astoria pattern for the jumper. Not sure what I’ll use for the jogging bottoms yet. (Fabric from the Oxford Market – I may bankrupt myself yet buying fabric, but I can’t afford that stuff full price!)

-Motorbike Jersey: this is going to be a Mesa shortened into a t-shirt, as I’m really happy with how this pattern fits me. Fabric from Girl Charlee UK.

-Red/ Purple jersey: another Mesa – this time with 3/4 length sleeves. I have to actively stop myself wearing my 2 current Mesas too much, so I need more of these!! This gorgeous fabric was a birthday present from my sewing friend Leire πŸ™‚

-Blue/ purple roses and fuchsia 80s print: these are both going to be wrap dresses using McCalls 6884. The rose print is another one from the market, and the fuchsia is one from my Grandma’s stash.

-Black/ white spot: after the success of my first lady skater/ moneta mashup, this will be another, with 3/4 sleeves for a bit of warmth. The fabric is an Art Gallery Fabrics cotton jersey with 5% stretch I think. It’s pretty lovely.

Phew! So that’s the bulk of what I’ll be doing over the coming months. What about you, are you sewing for the weather?