The first make of 2016!

Back in October, I outlined some of my Autumn/ Winter sewing plans. Two of the items I wanted to make were out of this gorgeous Liberty Sweatshirting (on the right – the cream fabric is poplin, and will make a gorgeous summer dress!!):

I bought this gorgeous, snuggly fabric with two items in mind:

  1. Seamwork Astoria for keeping me warm (and chic!) at work.

I made this back in October. It was a really quick and easy make! I think the whole thing took me about 3 hours.

I made a straight size medium. I’m really happy with the fit, but I think if I made it again, I would use a slightly stretchier fabric, as getting the waist over my shoulders when I put it on is a little challenging! I’m mainly worried about stretching the fabric out over time.

It’s really lovely worn with a high-waisted pencil skirt for work – I can only wear it on really cold days though as it’s really warm! As it’s a cropped jumper, I wouldn’t wear it with anything that wasn’t high waisted usually (unlike in these photos), as I wouldn’t want to get my tummy cold!! πŸ˜‰

Here it is ‘styled’ with my old jogging bottoms:

@colettepatterns #astoria nearing completion!

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Which brings me to my second project from this fabric:

2) New jogging bottoms!

My old jogging bottoms were getting very, very tatty and worn, with holes developing around the waistband and cuffs and the fabric was generally getting a bit thin. I decided it would be good to start my 2016 sewing with something I would wear a lot over the year, so this got bumped to the top of my list! I had originally thought I might make the True Bias Hudsons, but I really fancied making them on Sunday, and couldn’t be bothered with taping together the PDF, so I went for a little experiment instead!

As my old joggers were destined for the fabric recycling bin anyway, I decided to cut them up to use as the pattern for my new ones. They’re a very simple pattern, just two one-piece legs, with a seam on the inside leg. I traced the leg onto paper, then added seam allowance and an extra inch at the top to allow for the elastic. I cut the pieces out, and had to do a bit of wiggling and trimming to make everything fit together nicely. I also tapered the legs in about an inch at the ankle.


Sewing these up took around 2 hours – with around half that time spent faffing around rethreading my overlocker! This fabric is fantastic to wear, but my overlocker was not overly happy with going through 4 layers of it at once (probably 2cm of fabric). Between the jogging bottoms and astoria, I broke 3 needles!!!

I sewed the inside leg seam, then the crotch seam. I then overlocked some wide elastic to the waistband and hem, before folding it over and stitching in place on my regular machine! Unfortunately, as I was stretching the waistband elastic out, it seems not to have pinged back to its original size, so the waistband is a little looser than would be ideal. I’m too lazy to change it now and it doesn’t bother me too much, so that might have to be a future fix if it does get annoying!

They’re designed for lounging so are not the most glam item ever, but they are so comfy and cosy, perfect for sitting at home in the winter – I love them!

I probably won’t ever wear these two together, but it’s certainly a statement, right?


What have you been sewing so far?


2 thoughts on “The first make of 2016!

  1. I love your lounge pants (I call them “house pants” bc I’d never wear mine out of the house!). All of mine are pushing 8 years old so you’ve inspired me to make some more. Great idea to pattern draft from the old ones! And in that last photo? Everything looks like it’s coming up roses! πŸ™‚

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