April: Officially WIP month…

Hi all!

I don’t actually have a completed make to show you today (Rude, I know). I have been doing lots of sewing –related activity this month, and have a big stack of almost finished projects to show off. And actually, one finished blouse that I just haven’t managed to get photos of, but will do in due course. Hence all the WIPs (Works in Process).

Instead, I thought I’d just do a little summary of what I’ve been up to!

Holiday Plans!


I have some very, very exciting things coming up in the next few months – lifewise and sewing-wise. In July, I’m heading to the West Coast of the USA to visit some very lovely friends, and obviously hit-up some fabric shops! I’m still finalising details but if anyone is happening to read this in San Francisco, Portland, Seattle or Vancouver and would like to have a sewing meet-up, that would be brilliant!

In September I’ll be hosting a little sewing event that I’ll post more details about later! All I’ll say now is that it will be a really fun week – long project based around making the most of a pattern… Oh, and also – I’ll be heading back to University (for the … third time. Can’t keep me away!)


Removal of Laurel back darts

In my last post, I showed you the first step in creating a dartless Laurel. Last week I finally got round to removing the back darts and running up a toile. I love it, and will be sewing up around a million versions.


1950s Blouse

I finally finished one of my oldest UFOs – a lovely 1950s blouse that I started 2 years ago just before I moved to my current flat. As it’s black, it needs some seriously good lighting to show all the cute details, and I haven’t managed to get that recently.

Vintage Shirt Dress… nearly done!

I’ve sewn up a Sew Over It Vintage Shirtdress in this scrummy Cloud9 Barkcloth – I’m waiting til I go to my parents’ house this weekend to do the buttonholes on my mum’s lush Janome. It’s otherwise been finished and waiting for the last 2 weeks. I cannot wait for this beauty to be done!

Doris Dress so far

I posted on IG that I had plans to use this lovely spring-y floral to make a Colette Hawthorn. This dress has been on my list for EVER, but I haven’t yet managed to make it, despite making a record number of toiles (2 – serious commitment in my book). However, this pattern was usurped by the rather stunning Doris Dress that Sew Over It released last week. I gave in to temptation and bought it straight away. I made it up this weekend, and just have to zip and hem it. If I don’t finish it this week, then I have a Bank Holiday next week to do it.

After sewing two SOI pieces back-to-back, I have to give credit to the amazing drafting of Sew Over It patterns. I’ll do a full review of both of these once I manage to get some decent pics!

Archer popover in progress

Otherwise, I’ve also got an uncompleted Archer Popover that’s been waiting a few weeks for attention.  I’m hoping to finish next weekend, just in time for Me-Made-May! I’ve pledged to wear one me-made item per day. I’ll probably be posting fairly regularly on Instagram (@cinderellissews), and I’ll do a weekly roundup here. Are you taking part?


5 thoughts on “April: Officially WIP month…

  1. looking forward to seeing the Doris dress, and the vintage shirt dress looks lovely (must make another, but I can’t find buttons to match the fabric I want to use, so I haven’t bothered cutting it out yet). I seem to have a lot of unfinished things or toiles that need changes at the moment…..

    1. I know! Finding the perfect button is so hard! I’ve actually taken to buying sets of nice buttons when I find them, if I have something they would go with in my fabric stash or if they’re a good colour. I’m hoping to have all these bits finished by the end of the month… so looks like Saturday will be a busy sewing day! x

  2. Hello! Just followed for OWOP (linked through Handmade Jane) and I’m looking forward to it! Just commenting here to ask – are you going to Iceland?! I was there in March and LOVED it, and now I can’t stop evangelizing about it. 🙂 Let me know if you want any details!

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