MMM and some new dresses

Hey hey everyone!

We’re coming towards the end of Me-Made-May for another year! How has your MMM been going? This month has been less than fun for me – I badly sprained and chipped a bone in my ankle at the end of the first week, and since then have been hobbling around with a splint boot and crutches. (In case you were wondering, I was kickboxing at the time…)

Some of my MMM outfits for the few times I’ve left the house this month.

Anyway, this has more or less had me stuck at home for the last 3 weeks, so I have been wearing very comfy clothes most of the time! We’re talking less “secret pyjamas”, more just “pyjamas”. I’ve been trying to keep up with MMM as much as possible, but some days I have just worn leggings as comfort and practicality are the most important things for me at the moment.

The me-mades I’ve worn the most this month have been all my jersey makes – my various Mesa dresses, and a pair of PJs I made last year. And my two new knit Laurels!

In previous posts here and here, I’ve told you about removing the darts from the Colette Laurel dress. Partly because I wanted to see what it would be like, but also so I could use it for making jersey dresses with the lovely Laurel shaping, but without needing to worry about the darts. I have a minor obsession with T-Shirt dresses at the moment, and needed to make it happen!

The first version was with this lovely dandelion print knit from Art Gallery Fabrics:

The second was with this stunner, also by Art Gallery Fabrics.

Changes from the Colette Laurel original Pattern:

  • Rotated out bust darts and back darts
  • Pinched out small darts in the back of the neck
  • Added a knit neckband – 2″ by 24″ in V1 and 23″ in V2
  • Removed an extra 1/2″ from the side seams from bust to waist in V2

The construction was the same in both dresses: I sewed the shoulder seams, set in sleeves and the side seams on my overlocker, and attached the neckband, and hemmed them with a zigzag stitch on my Bernina. The whole process from cutting to hemming took around 2-3 hours for each dress. About all I can cope with sewing-wise at the moment, as I can’t be on my feet at the ironing board for too long! Another few weeks and I should be back to usual though.

These dresses have already been in constant rotation and they are so so comfy but also feel like I am well dressed πŸ™‚ Definitely a winner in my book!

I wanted to take new photos for the blog but obviously am having trouble getting out and about at the moment so the Insta photos will have to suffice! I’ve got a bit of a blogging backlog, so should have some more projects to share soon!



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