OWOP guest post: Claire

Hi guys! Today I’ve got another corking guest post: Claire from I Want to be a Turtle. I’m lucky enough to know Claire in person as well as in the blogosphere – she’s really been an inspiration for all my sewing plans and is always happy to bounce ideas around with me! Thanks Claire! 

All hail the tried ‘n’ true patterns!

I watched the previous OWOP’s take place without participating because I didn’t have a tried ‘n’ true pattern. At that point, it was rare for me to make a pattern more than once. Then you, Granville, entered my life. You came through the front door – sleek in your envelope. You came full of promise to end my battle with ready to wear fitting issues, the offer to teach me some new techniques and skills and, perhaps most importantly, fill a major gap in my wardrobe. 
The early signs were positive. A few alterations were need to get a better fit, some tutorials were watched and read for those tricky sleeve plackets and getting a neat finish on the collar. The collars are now a breeze but achieving nice sleeve plackets still eludes me. Despite this, we’ve become very good friends. You fit almost perfectly. Our first make together was fabulous and remains a much loved piece. So much so, it has been joined by others. 

some of Claire’s brilliant Granville shirts!

Each make is an improvement on the other. Small tweaks, added details, a change of fabric, the odd hack and you look so very different from the original. I’ve become a fan of sleeveless shirts and top stitching. I’m constantly buying buttons in multiple colours for when we get together again. The effect you’ve had on my wardrobe has been profound. You are stylish but practical, fun but formal when needed. You have the ability to constantly adapt and provide me with countless options for future versions. You’ve stopped the embarrassment of a gaping front button placket for which I am eternally grateful. All of this keeps me coming back.

Some of my other favourite repeat patterns: Sewaholic’s Gabriola; Sew Over It’s Vintage Shirt Dress and Betty Dress; Tilly and the Buttons Fifi pyjamas.

Our relationship spurred me on to see if this might be possible with other patterns. Suddenly making multiple versions became fun, time efficient, a way to get good fitting wardrobe staples as well a way to end wardrobe orphans. Not a single repeat has gathered dust since completion. Your inspiration has spread to other separates as well as pretty dresses. I now have options for all occasions without having to think too hard about the outfit and this is in a large part down to you. Such is the power of a practical pattern repeated until perfect, fun to stitch and offers some much versatility. All hail the tried ‘n’ true!


One thought on “OWOP guest post: Claire

  1. And this post also illustrates how important it is to nail the fit! When it is done shirt by shirt you can really see what parts of the make work for you or which ones can be improved. I sometimes obssess about trying to get the best fit possible with my first attempt, then fair and dispair, and the toiles get abandonned for months until I find the energy to tackle them again.
    Maybe a progressive approach to fitting would make my sewing more enjoyable and more productive!

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