OWOP Day 7 and Roundup!

Hi all!

Thank you so so much for everyone who participated in OWOP, it was such a fun week! 

Thanks for being patient with the round up while I am still sans Internet at home. It feels like living in the dark ages! 

Firstly, the prizewinner for day 7 is Victoria @pocketsforsweets ! Well done 🙂 Contact me at htheoe (at) hotmail.com to arrange your prize!

There are so many gorgeous outfits that I saw using the hashtag last week – here are just a few:

Doesn’t Charlotte @ciditcharlotte look summery in her gorgeous lengthened Coco?

@janemarland is so chic in her many versions of New Look 6217

And I love this fab infinity dress from @tortilladesigns! 

This is a wanderlust-invoking version of New Look 6095 from @multi_threaded

And finally, this awesome glitzy version of the Colette Patterns Laurel dress by  @rebeccaw0w has inspired me to bump a party dress right up to the top of my sewing list! 

WELL DONE EVERYONE! It’s been an inspiring week. Sewing is now taking a little back burner for me while I get settled on my course, but I will be back with some blogging back logged items soon! 




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