2016 Top 5! 

Hi all! 

Hope you’ve all had a lovely, relaxing festive season so far!

The last 3 months have been crazy busy what with starting my course and moving to a new city. I’ve managed to make one item since then, and that’s it… no time for sewing means nothing to blog! 

But, overall I have sewn a lot this year. I’m joining in with Gillian’s Top 5 so here we go!

Top 5 hits:

I actually think that most of what I’ve made this year has been a hit – there’s nothing I’ve made but haven’t worn or don’t want to keep! I think I’ve finally worked out what I like to wear and I’m using my sewing time to make those. Here’s hoping I didn’t just jinx it…

  • Self-drafted jogging bottoms – I have worn these pretty much every day since I made them – I put them on as soon as I get home! They’re so comfy, and pretty. 


  • Wren dress: made in January and worn loads for work! 


  • Knit Laurel dresses – both worn a tonne but the stripy one wins overall 🙂 I love this dress, it’s one of my all time favourites! 


  • Archer sleeveless shirt – still unblogged. I made this in August and wore it throughout late summer. It’s such a good staple wardrobe piece! Seen here with my also unblogged hollyburn skirt. 

  • My final make of 2016! This fabric was bought to make a moneta dress, which I’ve almost finished… but I needed a quick fix make so rather than finishing it (which I wanted to do properly), one evening I decided to use the remnants to make a skirt. I used the bottom of the Mesa dress pattern (made several times) to give a rough idea of size and managed to cut the front in one piece. The back is fudged together and pieced, but it works! It’s just a CB seam, 2 side seams coming in at the waist, and wide elastic for the waistband. It’s not my finest work, but I only had an hour and I *needed* to make something! I keep on meaning to get proper photos but it’s cold and dark out so flat has to suffice. I wear this all the time – it’s comfy and chic, my aim in life. 

I’d also like an honourable mention for my lengthened archer shirt, which I’m so flipping proud of but isn’t worn quite as frequently as the others. I did a lot of work on this so will do a separate post with the details soon!

Misses of 2016!

There are no proper misses but I will be revisiting the armhole binding on this Laurel as it’s really annoying: 


Other things in 2016: 

Low points: losing my Grandma in the spring. In May, fracturing / spraining my ankle and spending 3 1/2 months on crutches. Obviously also the general state of the world… 

High points: 

  • Getting on to my Speech and language therapy course! It was a lot of hard work to get here (and hard work now I’m here!) but it’s worth it 🙂 
  • My trip to the USA in July! It was incredible. Check out my insta feed for all the fun I had.
  • OWOP was so great! It was lovely to meet more of the sewing community all over the world through this.
  • The Foldline sewing weekender – was such fun, can’t wait for details of the next one!
  • Getting back on my feet after being injured. I’m still not back to all the crazy sports I’m used to, but I will be. In the meantime, I’m so grateful for how well supported I’ve been by my brilliant friends and family, and able to really appreciate my health. 

I’m hoping to have a little more time for sewing in the new year (not lots but some). I’ve got some plans that I’m very excited about so will post details of those next week! 
Take care!


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